Chickens! Everywhere chickens!

When I discovered an amazingly well-scripted growing, developing and reproducing animal (chicken) that also had some sort of “genetic” variability, I casually asked in group chat if anyone had heard of them.  Immediately I was the recipient of a number of gifts of eggs.  I selected a few of these (8-10, I can’t remember now how many) and began my endeavor.  The only cost of the chickens is that you have to have space to grow them and you have to feed them.  When it became obvious that feeding them would cost something (although it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby), I decided to plan corn.  So the corn is on the ground and the chickens were moved 1000 meters up to a skybox. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the corn yet but it’s there and growing.

After I ended up with more chickens than I wanted I became very brutal – killing all but the best.  Nothing like fried chicken!  Oh and the omelets!  Yum. I learned there was a what I call “birth control ring” or radi-o-static that prevents eggs from hatching (some of the time).  Then you can collect the eggs, put them in a “proteggtor” and sell them, save them for later, or give them away.  So just this week I found a stall at a chicken store where I hope we can sell some eggs to help feed them.

I hate to tell my students that since the chickens Sion has made turtles and another creator has made rabbits (although the rabbits are in beta right now).  I like the chickens.  They peep when they are little, then start kind of cackling and when completely mature the hens cackle and the roosters crow.  What do rabbits and turtles say?  Come on.

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